Tableside Payments

Copper supports pay-at-table in two ways with no changes to your existing POS system and installs in minutes:

EMV compliant payment devices

Customers pay for their tickets on Copper Cashier app installed on certified payment devices. Payments are now EMV-compliant.

QR code payment on phone

Customers scan a QR code on the receipt for contactless payments from their own phone. No app download needed.

Apply service fee when customers pay with card

Set up custom tip percentages to be offered to your customers

Get secured payments that are PCI-compliant

Accept mobile wallets

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Real-time analytics

Access real-time business analytics and reports from anywhere and anytime. Make dynamic decisions to optimize your operation.

Real-time business analytics report


Compare hourly sales real-time against same day last week, so you can make dynamic decision.

Multi-location analytics

View real-time sales of mutliple locations in one place, regardless of POS type at each location.


Monitor top selling items to make real-time decisions.


Know who your best-performing staff are and what they are selling.

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Cloud Printing

Print online/mobile orders or payment receipts from anywhere to anywhere, so you have the flexibility to add new consumer touchpoints.


Send your online or mobile orders directly to the kitchen printer. No need for dedicated tablets/printers, nor for manual entry of orders in POS.


Add alternative payment methods (e.g. PayPal) without POS upgrade. Get notified at receipt printers after customers have paid.

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Loyalty and Rewards

New ways to engage customers without upgrading your POS system.

Easy Sign-up

Customers scan a QR code with their phone, and land on the sign-up flow for loyalty programs.

Personalized Offers

Create personalized offers using item-level sales data. For example, provide customers with a coupon for the most ordered beverage.

Loyalty and reward program badge

Reward Redemptions

Redeem rewards without POS upgrade. Get notified at receipt printer when customers have redeemed rewards to pay.

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