Enjoy the Smart Upgrade

Offer new services without the need for expensive POS changes or upgrades.

Grow Revenue and Profits

Pay-at-table leads to faster table turns and thus more revenue. Data insights maximize revenue and operational efficiency.

Retain Customers

Increase customer satisfaction with fast and convenient pay-at-table experience.

Retain Staff

Reduce work for servers with fewer trips to the POS. Increase staff satisfaction with higher tips using pay-at-table.

Save on Processing Fees

Choose your payment provider. Avoids penalties via EMV compliance and capture tips at time of sale.

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Sell payment
processing to any restaurant

Turn on new restaurants for payment processing without the burden of dealing with the POS VAR or upgrades to your merchant's existing equipment.

Deal Enabler

Sell payment processing to restaurants without changing hardware or upgrading software

Shorter Time-to-Revenue

Activate new merchant IDs (MIDs) same day instead of in days or weeks

Save Time and Money

No more dealing with point-of-sale (POS) Value-Added Resellers (VAR)

Valuable Services

Offer value-added services, including cash discount, real-time analytics and reporting

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Liberate your point of sale data

Break free from the constraints of traditional point of sale software. Use the Copper Conduit API to access item-level transaction data, detailed customer information and purchase histories as well as real time performance metrics to power your custom products and solutions.

  "id": "tkt_01hmw5wbq1844gtz6esyrrhtm5",
  "object": "ticket",
  "currency": "usd",
  "guests": 2,
  "dob": "2024-01-23",
  "items": [
      "amount": 1400,
      "quantity": 1,
      "label": "Chef Sampler"
      "amount": 350,
      "quantity": 2,
      "label": "Iced Tea"
  "location": "loc_01hmw5wbq15905616mnvr2v3jz",
  "name": "Table 1",
  "reference": "20240123228",
  "server": "Patina",
  "subtotal": 2100,
  "surcharges": [
      "amount": 152,
      "label": "Tax"
  "time": "22:8",
  "total": 2252