Checkout API

The Checkout API is a special API closely related to the Tickets API.

Retrieve a Checkout Item

GET /r/{id}

Retrieves an existing Ticket resource based on its token id.


This is one of the few Copper APIs that do not require providing an API key.

This API method only accepts a single parameter, the ticket token id, via the URL path.

To retrieve the Ticket object as a JSON payload, be sure to provide an Accept HTTP header value of application/json.

This API also accepts an Accept HTTP header value of text/html, which will return the full Copper Checkout web page associated with the Ticket token id.


A Ticket resource if a valid id was provided. If the Ticket is already settled, or if the token id is not yet associated to a Ticket object, then the API will return an HTTP 404 status code.


curl -H "Accept: application/json"